About Us

You definitely don't need to spend tons of money having your truck or big rig towed if it breaks down along the side of the road. Driving a huge truck is a difficult job as it is, and our roadside repair services will help you to make up for your lost time and money. Rapid Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair is your local truck repair service and we have twenty locations for your convenience, including Shepherdsville and Pewee Valley, KY. We are not too far away so allow us to be of service to your truck today!
Our technicians are as good as they come with plenty of expertise and experience working with trucks. The satisfaction of our customers is our greatest concern because everyone wins, in the long-run, if you have been pleased. Our valuable team members will take care of all of the strenuous work and provide you with excellent service so that you can be on your way. You only have to do the fun part — drive away in your perfectly-repaired truck!

We offer a unique service for truckers — not all repairs need to be taken to a business, shop, or garage. Many can be done without relocating the truck - this is what differentiates us from other truck repair services. We are a mobile truck repair service providing high-quality service, anytime you need us. No matter the time or situation, we will be there.