Diesel Truck Repair

Lakeland, FL

After picking up a load from your customer's location, you look at the directions for the location to deliver the load. You will be driving a longer distance than in the past, and it is a concern. Your truck has been making a noise, and you have been unable to diagnose the problem. The truck seems to run fine, but you continue to hear the nose. Once your last load was delivered, you wanted to have a mechanic look at your truck. You called a variety of mechanics in Lakeland, FL, but they were not able to look at your truck before your next shipment. As you drive this load to the destination, you hear the noise getting louder. Now, you are noticing the truck is not running correctly.

As you think about who to call, you know it will be days before a mechanic can check your truck. You do not have time because you are hauling a large amount of freight with an expected delivery date. At the rest area, you call your dispatcher to ask where they recommend taking your truck. On the phone with them, they tell you to call a roadside diagnostic service in Lakeland, FL. If you need a roadside diagnostic service, then call Rapid Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair.

We will send a mechanic promptly to your location. They will have all the tools necessary to diagnose the problem. Many times our technician will be able to complete the repairs on the spot, so you will not have to wait to take your vehicle to the shop. If you notice your truck making noises, then call us today. We will quickly troubleshoot the issue, and we will tell you the problem fast. By calling us, you will know the issue and the repairing needed to get and keep the truck on the road.