Engine Repair

Tampa, FL

As the light turns yellow, you prepare to stop. You put your foot on the breaks in your truck, but the breaks do not work. You use the emergency brake, so you are able to stop the truck in time. It is upsetting that your breaks are not working, and it puts you in a dangerous situation. You could have been in accident, and you could have been hurt. You were hauling freight, so you check the freight to ensure there is no damage. After the vehicle was safely parked out of the way, you start thinking about who to call to repair the breaks.

You do not want to drive the truck until you know for sure the breaks are repaired. It is important for you to call someone with experience to repair the breaks. You want to call someone with diesel mechanic experience, and you want someone well known in the area. If you are having issues with your breaks, then let our brake repair specialist them. At Rapid Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair in Tampa, Fl., our mechanics have extensive training and experience in brake repair.

We are well known in the Tampa, FL area, and many large trucking companies rely on us to fix their repairs and fast. It is an inconvenience when a truck breaks down on the road, so we work hard to provide our customers with fast service. By calling us, you know the repairs will be made correctly the first time. We keep providing our mechanics with continuous training, and they are equipped with the right tools to get the job done right there on the spot. If you need a mechanic you can trust to repair the brakes on your vehicle, call us today. We will dispatch a mechanic to your location, so you can ensure the brakes on your truck are working properly.