Mobile Welding

Plant City, FL

After arriving at your customer's destination, you are waiting to get loaded. You watch them pull the product and stage it for loading. As they begin to load the product, you see them stop. They notify a supervisor, and the supervisor walks through the back of your trailer. The supervisor wants to talk with you, and it is concerning. The loaders noticed the cross members are broken and worn, and they are concerned about the trailer being able to hold the product during transit. It is imperative the product is safe and not damaged during the transit. The supervisor has asked you to repair the cross members before taking the load to the customer's location.

In order to repair the cross members, you are going to need someone with experience in welding. It is going to be time consuming for you to take the truck and trailer to a shop in the area. It would be great if the cross members repairing could be done at the location where the load is being picked up. If you need an experienced welder, call Rapid Mobile Truck & Trailer Repair in Plant City, FL. We provide mobile welding service in Plant City, FL, and our welders have the experience to repair the cross members. If you are told the cross members are damaged, do not panic about not being able to do your job. Call us to repair the cross members.

By utilizing our mobile welding service, you will save time and money. Once you call us, our welder will arrive shortly at your location. They will ensure the cross members are welded correctly, and they will ensure the unit will be able to handle the weight of the freight. If you notice the cross members are worn and damaged when picking up a load, call us. We will complete the repairs on the spot, so you can get the freight on time to the destination.